A Cool Blues Riff

Do you want to learn a simple and cool blues riff? Here is a cool riff that is based on the A pentatonic scale.

First thing you have to do is to get yourself familiar with the pentatonic scale. If you are ever interested in learning to play the lead guitar, then you must learn the pentatonic scales. This is probably the most widely used scale in the world.

For this particular blues riff, we are going to use the A pentatonic scale. This is where we base our pattern.

Start from the 3rd string at the 7th fret, stretch it up one tone and mute it. Move over to the high octave tonic which is located at the first string of the 5th fret. Follow the scale and perform “hammer-on’s” on the second and third string. Then, end your riff at the fourth string on the seventh fret. And there goes your blues riff.

This is a great blues riff. There are many variations of this. From here, you can start making your own blues riff and mix it up with your 12 bar chord progression.

A Cool Blues Riff:

Watch this cool blues riff on youtube.

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