A Guitar Solo Lesson on Hey Joe

Here is a guitar lesson on how to play a solo on “Hey Joe”. The solo should be done in the Em pentatonic scale.

The solo starts with a C, goes to the G, and goes to the D. These are the first 3 chords of the song and all of them are already in the G major. It then goes to an A major, which is a substitute for the two chord in G major, and then to the E.

The only chord outside is the A major chord. It should have been Am but since we are going in steps of 5th, we use the A major chord. C to G is a 5th; G to D is a 5th; D to A is a 5th; and A to E is a 5th.

Using the Em pentatonic scale, you can add riffs in between this chord pattern. You can play a riff on the 12th fret based on the Em pentatonic scale. This is why it is important to familiarize pentatonic scales. You can do any riff pattern as long as it is within the scale and it is going to sound great.

Watch the video below and get to learn this guitar lesson better on how to play a solo on “Hey Joe”.

A Guitar Solo Lesson on Hey Joe:

Learn the guitar solo on Hey Joe on youtube.

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