Acoustic Blues Guitar Boogie

If you would like to learn acoustic blues guitar, then this is the lesson for you. If you want to become a master of this genre, then you have to learn the basics.

The first thing you got to learn in acoustic blues guitar is the basic strum. Practice the upstroke and the downstroke on the E chord. Begin with “1 and” on the downstroke and “the” on the upstroke. It goes like this: 1 and a 2 and a 3 and a 4. This is a good exercise to master the strum. Once you are comfortable with the strum, you can move on to practicing patterns.

The boogie woogie or shuffle is an easy pattern to learn. It’s basically a combination of a 5th and a major 6. Practice this pattern along with the strum on the key of E. Begin with “1 and” on E 5th with the downstroke and “the” on major 6 with the upstroke. If you become bored with just practicing at the key of E, switch keys while mastering the pattern. Try switching from the key of E, to the key of A, to the key of D. There are many other variations but the boogie woogie pattern is the root of all blues patterns.

After mastering the pattern, you can start making your own twelve bar blues combination. It’s the most common form of the blues. It is a repeated twelve chord bar progression. Try this combination for starts: 4 bars on the key of A, 2 bars on D, 2 bars on A,1 bar on E, 1 bar D, and 2 bars A.

If you want to become the best on acoustic blues guitar, start with the basics. Once you’ve mastered these steps, then you’ll be on your way to becoming a blues guitar player.

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