Blues Guitar Lessons

Blues Guitar LessonsThe blues guitar lessons you will find on this site are mostly short videos, all designed so that you can watch the blues guitar lessons in 10 minutes or less, and then spend the rest of your practice time working on that technique.

One of the best way to practice blues guitar is to use some blues guitar backing tracks, if you have access to some. That way, once you go through one of the blues guitar lessons on this site, you can apply it in a more realistic environment.

There are a few blues guitar chords and blues guitar scales that really produce that signature blues sound; however at the end of the day, you can really play the blues using all kinds of different chords and scales. What I mean by that is it boils down to how you feel the notes you play. The blues is a very expressive type of music, so practicing with jam tracks is a great way to help you get started “feeling” the blues through your guitar as you play.

Most of these blues guitar lessons can be played on the electric guitar or the acoustic guitar equally well. The great thing about the blues is it is great for improvising, so once you learn a few of the tricks presented in these blues guitar lessons, you should be able to do quite well on your own.

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