Blues Guitar Chords

So you’re looking for blues guitar chords, and you’re wondering what makes a blues guitar chord different than any other guitar chord?

Well, the answer is, not much. In fact, many of the chords used in blues guitar are used in all kinds of other guitar playing, but in general we do find a few types of chords used a lot more in blues guitar than in other styles.

For instance, major 7th chords are very popular, and the so-called “Hendrix” chord is also a classic amongst blues guitar chords. The Hendrix chord is simply a dominant 7 sharp 9 chord, and it was made famous in the song Purple Haze.

In the blues though, you’ll find a lot of the standard major and minor chords being used, just like in other types of music. As we’ve talked about elsewhere on the site, a lot of the blues is in how you feel and play it – sure, the blues guitar chords help and make a difference, but they’re not always the primary thing that makes a song bluesy.

In the lessons you find on this page, we’ve got a nice collection of different blues guitar chords for you to work on. Enjoy!

Blues Guitar Chords Lessons:

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