Blues Guitar Scales

The most common of all blues guitar scales is the pentatonic scale. Technically you can really use any scale you want to play the blues; after all, it is your own interpretation and preference we’re talking about here too!

That said, the pentatonic scale is by far and away the most heavily used of the blues guitar scales. Quite often the player will modify the pentatonic minor scale just slightly, by adding one or two chromatic passing notes to add a bit more flavor to the scale; however technically you’re still dealing with the pentatonic scale.

If you’d really like to master the blues guitar scales, then we recommend starting off with the pentatonic patterns. After you’re familiar with those guitar scale patterns all over your fretboard, then you can start adding those chromatic passing notes we talked about already. Alternatively, it gives you a great foundation to learn your diatonic scale patterns, which are equally important.

As with all scales though, learning blues guitar scales takes dedication and effort. Spend some time practicing the scale pattern on its own, and then once you’re familiar with the patterns, start practicing with a good set of blues guitar backing tracks and kick it up a notch!

Check out the lessons below to get a good start on your blues guitar scales today.

Guitar Lessons: Blues Guitar Scales

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