Blues Licks

Blues Licks on GuitarEveryone is out scouring the internet for new blues licks, but you can rest easy now, because this page is full of blues licks!

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you’re learning new blues licks is to first figure out what scale pattern is being used. Once you know that, then you can start transposing those blues licks into other keys… because let’s face it – nobody plays only in a single key! You must learn how to transpose your blues licks in order to be a versatile guitar player.

Blues Licks & Shifting Scale Patterns

The second stage after you’ve transposed the blues licks is to shift them into entirely new scale patterns! Identify which notes are being played and then find that same note elsewhere on your fretboard, and shift it into a new scale pattern. Learning your guitar scales is an important prerequisite to learning blues licks, because all blues licks come out of a scale! Therefore, once you understand what scale is being used for those particular blues guitar riffs, you’ll be far more likely to adapt it for use elsewhere in your guitar playing.

The third stage, after you’ve learned how to transpose the blues licks you’ve learned, is to experiment with your tone – even try playing them on an acoustic guitar (or electric, if you started out on acoustic), try playing them clean, or with distortion, just to hear what they sound like in different tones. You might be surprised how they turn out! So without further ado, have fun learning the blues licks in the lessons below!

Learn Some Blues Licks:

Groovy Blues Guitar Riff Based on 3rds in E

This particular blues guitar riff has been widely used. Steve Ray Vaughn has used this riff tons of times. Songs like “Pride and Joy” and many others have used variants of this riff. This guitar r[more]

Easy Riff for Beginners

Are you a beginner trying to learn your first riff? Here is a simple guitar riff which is easy to learn. Any newbie can do this. It just needs time and practice. The chords involve in this riff, is G,[more]

Guitar Boogie Shuffle riff

Do you want to learn a boogie shuffle riff? This is a riff derived from the boogie woogie or shuffle pattern which is basically a 5th and a major 6. Here is a boogie shuffle pattern which is based on [more]

A Cool Blues Riff

Do you want to learn a simple and cool blues riff? Here is a cool riff that is based on the A pentatonic scale. First thing you have to do is to get yourself familiar with the pentatonic scale. If you[more]

Pentatonic and Diatonic Based Guitar Riffs

Guitar riffs on pentatonic and diatonic scales are easy to do. It only needs time and practice. Don’t let the word pentatonic or diatonic startle you. The term pentatonic simply means a five note an[more]

Guitar Riffs from Stevie

There are many acoustic blues guitar riffs inspired by the late great Stevie Ray Vaughn. If you want to learn a cool riff, here is one which is inspired by Stevie. For this particular riff, we are goi[more]

12 Bar Blues Progression and Riff

The 12 bar blues progression is something you have to understand and familiarize if you ever want to become a master of the blues. The blues progression is based on the 1-4-5 chords of a key. This blu[more]

Slide Notes in Riffs

Slide is a method or technique for playing the guitar. It refers to the motion of sliding your fingers against the strings. There are two types of sliding: The actual slide and the slide from a note t[more]

Acoustic Blues Guitar Boogie

If you would like to learn acoustic blues guitar, then this is the lesson for you. If you want to become a master of this genre, then you have to learn the basics. The first thing you got to learn in [more]

A Cool Blues Riff Using Doublestops

Here’s a cool blues riff using doublestops. A double stop is quite simply playing two notes together at the exact same time. It falls short of being a chord, because for a chord you need at leas[more]

A Sweet Guitar Boogie Shuffle Riff

Here’s a cool little lesson on the guitar boogie shuffle. This guitar boogie shuffle is basically a rhythm riff that you can actually use to form the basis of a song, if you want. Variations of [more]

3 Cool Blues Guitar Riffs

We could spend a very long time going through various blues guitar riffs, teaching one after the other, in all the different keys. It would take a really long time, and at the end of the day, it proba[more]

Learn to Play Blues Guitar Licks Like the Greats! With just a few juicy blues licks in your arsenal, it is amazing how you can quickly get your guitar sounding like the great blues guitar players. Ent[more]