Guitar Boogie Shuffle riff

Do you want to learn a boogie shuffle riff? This is a riff derived from the boogie woogie or shuffle pattern which is basically a 5th and a major 6. Here is a boogie shuffle pattern which is based on the 1 and 5 for the E.

Let’s start our pattern from E which is on the 2nd fret of the fifth string.  Then add a major 6 and a flatted 7 which is located at the 4th and 5th fret of the fifth string, respectively.

Practice this shuffle riff combination using downstrokes first. Try this sequence for starts: 2 downstrokes for E, 1 for major 6, 1 for E, 1 for flatted 7, 1 for E, 1 for major 6, and lastly 1 for E. Get a feel for it and master this sequence. Once you are comfortable, you can try your own strumming pattern for this shuffle riff. You can try picking the strings up or down, or any way you like.

This shuffle riff is movable. You can do it based on A or D using the same pattern as discussed above. Try the pattern and do shifts from E to A to D or any variation you wish to play. Have fun with this shuffle based boogie riff and get creative.

Guitar Boogie Shuffle riff:

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