A Sweet Guitar Boogie Shuffle Riff

Here’s a cool little lesson on the guitar boogie shuffle. This guitar boogie shuffle is basically a rhythm riff that you can actually use to form the basis of a song, if you want. Variations of this have been used in many different songs.

Whenever you come across a guitar boogie shuffle riff like this one, or any other rhythm riff, if you want to hear what it sounds like in a song, simply play it using a 12 bar blues pattern, and chances are, it is going to sound great!

As with all of theĀ blues guitar lessons on this site, once you’ve learned this rhythm riff, try transposing it into different keys, to help get really familiar with it! Doing that repeatedly with lots of different riffs will really help you develop your knowledge of the guitar.

Watch the Guitar Boogie Shuffle Lesson:

Watch Guitar Boogie Shuffle on Youtube

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