Slide Notes in Riffs

Slide is a method or technique for playing the guitar. It refers to the motion of sliding your fingers against the strings.

There are two types of sliding: The actual slide and the slide from a note to note in a riff. We’ll be focusing in the note to note slide.

Let’s use the Am pentatonic scale as a basis. If you look at the scale, all the strings in the 5th fret are being used. This will be the starting point of your slide.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you’ve got to slide to a note that is within the scale. For the Am pentatonic scale, you slide from the 5th fret to any note as long as it within the scale and just simply follow the pentatonic pattern to create a really cool riff.

It’s the initial note that is important. Other than that, you can do pretty much anything as long as you follow the scale or play the notes within it. It’s going to sound terrible if you end your slide to a note that doesn’t belong to the scale.

Basically, you can do a lot with slide and your imagination is your limit. Get creative, make your own variations and start sliding around.

Slide Notes in Riffs

Learn slide notes in riffs on youtube.

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