Sweet Home Alabama Guitar Lesson

Here is a guitar lesson on how to play “Sweet Home Alabama”. If you want to know how to play this song, then this lesson will get you started.

The song starts with a D, goes to the C, goes to the G, and goes to the F. this will be played 3 times in the song.

There are different ways in playing this song. If you strum through the chords it will sound really good. You can also try picking it.

A cool picking pattern for this song is simply hitting the root note twice(downward),  followed by hitting the 2nd string(downward) and then the 3rd string(upward). This will be played for chords D, C and G. After that, you can put on a little riff. Playing the riff depends on where you are at the song.

The F chord, along with the C, appears at the first chorus. It also appears in the end of the very next verses next line. This is played after D, C, and G. It happens 1 more time at the end of the song in between the last two choruses, again after chords D, C, and G.

Pretty much everything in Sweet Home Alabama is based on D, C, and G. Get through the whole song with that, strum it away, and you are going to feel like a pro.

Sweet Home Alabama Guitar Lesson:

Learn how to play Sweet Home Alabama on youtube.

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