Tuning your Guitar to Open G major

Do you wan’t to know how to tune your guitar to open G major? Its very simple.

In guitar, tuning refers to the pitch of a strummed string. The standard tuning for a guitar is EADGBE, which corresponds to strings 6 to 1 respectively.

To change the tuning to G major, you only have to modify the pitch of 3 strings, namely the 6th, 5th, and 1st string.  Change the 6th string from E to G; the 5th string from A to G; and the 1st string from E to D. The rest of the strings remain the same.

Notice that after the revision of the standard tuning, EADGBE becomes GGDGBD. Only notes G, D and B are present. These 3 notes make up G major. If you look at any G major chords, you’ll find out that it is the G, B, and D that make up the chord.

After changing the notes from EADGBE to GGDGBD, you’re done tuning your guitar to open G major.

Open G major tuning is great for slides and riffs. If you want to practice riffs and slides, then it better be on this tuning.

Tuning your Guitar to Open G major:

How to tune your guitar to open G major. Watch it on youtube.

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